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My name is Tyler and all my family came from south Louisiana, I grew up in a family that took cooking as a way Of life, the center of our universe was the kitchen. I learned to cook at an early age from all my aunts, uncles and of course the best cook in the world, my mother. All these people understood cooking and eating made the family.

I grew up in the woods and bayous of Old River Primary Bayou and Tete Bay, these places were my introduction to hunting and fishing. l have been around crawfish my entire life, from trapping, cleaning and boiling them.


Here at Crawfish Kings, we take the crawfish from the ponds directly to our cleaning facility in Crosby Texas where all the trash and too small crawfish are removed before boiling. we take this extra step to ensure our customers get the cleanest and the freshest crawfish possible. There are no other restaurant that go through this process because it takes extra time and labor, we feel these steps are necessary to set our restaurant apart from all those other places that don’t have the ability to clean and wash their crawfish.

Along with crawfish we offer large shrimp that come from the gulf coast, also you can choose from Gumbo, Etouffee, beans and rice, all these we make ourselves at the restaurant. kids meals are available to those kids who don’t eat crawfish.


We are a BYOB restaurant, we will provide you with a bucket and ice to keep your beer cold.

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